1. jul, 2012

Letizia Pittigliani

Born in Rome, childhood in New York, all her life back and forth between America and Europe. Amazing oeuvre ranging from the portrait to the landscape, sometimes surrealistic, and René Magritte is around the corner.

She must have had some agreement with the New York Port Authority and designed some wonderful posters for them. But she painted so many more nice pictures. Strangely nobody seems to have thought to write her a wikipedia article.

She has her own site though, which is very generous showing the complete works, and the biography as well.

What a woman, what a lady, what a painter. Truly awesome.

I just discovered her getting a coffee table book as a present today from a source I didn't expect to care about art. But she does apparently. The book itself has traveled a bit, I must add, but never mind. It is a truly wonderful gift. I just couldn't believe I had never heard about her.