A selfie at the Brussels Art Fair 2013

Breakable light

We have gathered here some fragments of all the things that come to mind. They will, I hope, illustrate, be it in a haphazard way, what makes us tick, and where we get our inspiration, all of which is amply discussed in Dutch elsewhere on the site.

We will have a short introduction, followed by some blogworks, and will end with a statement I wanted to make about the treatment of drug users.

I have twenty years’ experience in the field and want to share my expertise with the following generations. Much is left to be done concerning better access to treatment, quality of care etc. for this category of patients.

Below please  find the easy links to all the parts of the English chapter of the site.

The navigation is in Dutch. You only need to know two words. 'Oudere' means previous (older literally) and 'overzicht' means table of contents.

For starters

8. aug, 2014


For starters, some words of welcome and some other material. Sorry for the poor looks, as this is still in the old layout. I leave it on though, as the ideas expressed are still valid.

Ongoing blog

8. aug, 2014

A piece of my mind

Rather unfrequently kept, I must admit, the ongoing blog reflects the things I do or like or find exciting. Nothing serious. With a little help of my friends who send me interesting links.

2012 Backblog

8. aug, 2014

A piece of my mind up to 2012

The former blog, no longer active. Maybe still interesting. Not sure. Still gets a lot of attention from our readers according to click rates, which is why it is allowed to stay on.


8. aug, 2014


Seventeenth century mysticism, my favorite subject. I kid you not. Molinos was probably the last heretic. I did some research on the subject, and wrote a novel about it, which was turned into a radio play broadcast on national radio. In Dutch of course.

Users in primary care

10. aug, 2014

Over the (h)edge

Looking over the hedge of the neighbours to see how they solve things. This is what we did coming together in a mini-symposium on the treatment of drug users.

Beyond harm reduction

10. aug, 2014

Beyond Harm

PowerPoint presentation turned into video, as delivered during the mini-symposium held in Brussels in June.
The presentation is rendered a bit fast I'm afraid. All compressed in less than 3 minutes.

Welcome to your ideas

8. aug, 2014

Please contribute your ideas

You easily can place a piece of your mind on the site. Feel welcome to share.
Length is not limited as is the case with the comment box on the right hand of the site.
Scroll up if you do not see it. You can use that too but no more than sms length.

10. aug, 2014

Direct contact

You can mail me directly, if you must. Navigation in Dutch, but you will manage. It is very easy. Find out!

Kind regards,

Dirk van Babylon